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"To the Moon and Back" Handprint Keepsake

"To the Moon and Back" Handprint Keepsake


Embark on a celestial journey and capture a piece of the cosmos with our "To the Moon and Back" Handprint Keepsake Kit by Magic Mama Club. This heartwarming downloadable kit allows you to preserve a precious moment in time and express the infinite love you have for your child.


Kit Highlights:

  • Rocket Ship Templates:

    • Four different rocket ship templates for you to choose from. Pick your favorite and print it out to create a rocket that will carry your child's handprint to the stars.
  • Handprint Flame Template:

    • The perfect "flame" template to complement your child's handprint and complete the rocket ship. Trace your child's handprint, cut it out, and glue it to the rocket, creating a keepsake that will remind you of their adorable little hands forever.


Create a lasting memory or adorable gift that's as infinite as the cosmos itself. The "To the Moon and Back" Handprint Keepsake Kit is a beautiful way to express your love and make a celestial connection.


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the love that reaches beyond the stars and cherishing the small hands that light up our world. Let's make memories that are out of this world.

To the moon and back, with love and beyond! 🌟

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