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Magic Monthly Moment

Looking for an easy way to sprinkle magic into your life each month? We've got you covered with our Monthly Magic Moments (M3) subscription.

When you join M3, amazing downloads and content arrive directly in your inbox. Say hello to seamless celebrations of every holiday and special moment, creating core memories along the way!

Mothly Magic Subscription

Subscription Highlights

  1. Monthly Magic Guide:

    • Receive a monthly guide featuring a list of holidays, special occasions, and exciting happenings for that month. Stay in the loop and never miss a magical opportunity with your littles.

  2. Curated Monthly Downloads:

    • Enjoy carefully curated downloads that correspond to the events and holidays of the month. From festive crafts to heartwarming keepsakes, these downloads are designed to sprinkle magic throughout your month. By the end of the year, you'll have downloaded over 100 magical pages!

  3. Links to Additional Resources and Ideas:

    • Access a treasure trove of additional resources, tips, and creative ideas to enhance your monthly celebrations. Discover new ways to make each moment even more special.

  4. Invites to Exclusive Magic Mama Club Happenings:

    • Be part of the inner circle and receive exclusive invitations to Magic Mama Club events and happenings. Connect with a community of like-minded magic makers and share the joy of parenthood. Enjoy VIP access and discounted pricing for all things Magic Mama! 

Experience the joy of monthly surprises, creative crafts, and memorable celebrations tailored just for you and your family. The Magic Monthly Moment Subscription ensures that every month is brimming with enchanting moments and delightful memories, amounting to over 100 magical pages by the end of the year.



Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the joy of parenthood and embracing the magic of each passing month. Let's make every month a magical adventure!

Subscribe now and let the monthly magic unfold! 🌟

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