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Thankful Turkey Gratitude Activity

Thankful Turkey Gratitude Activity


Cultivate a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness throughout November with our "Thankful Turkey" Gratitude Activity by Magic Mama Club. This heartwarming downloadable activity is a wonderful way to celebrate the season of gratitude and create a beautiful, thankful turkey.

Activity Features:

  • Printable Thankful Turkey: Print out the adorable turkey and display it in a fun place where everyone can see and participate.

  • Feathers for Writing: Each day, have your children write something they are thankful for on a feather and then add it to the turkey. Watch your turkey's feathers grow and become a beautiful display of gratitude.

Download includes flyer and poster size options.


Engage in daily reflections of gratitude and create a thankful turkey that embodies the joy of being appreciative. The "Thankful Turkey" Gratitude Activity is a meaningful way to celebrate thankfulness all November long.


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the joy of gratitude and fostering a thankful spirit. Let's make November a month filled with love, appreciation, and beautiful feathers.


Count your blessings and let the thankful journey begin! 🌟

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