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"Sprinkle of Kindness" Donut Celebration Kit

"Sprinkle of Kindness" Donut Celebration Kit


Indulge in a delightful celebration of sweetness with our "Sprinkle of Kindness" Donut Celebration Kit by Magic Mama Club. Whether it's National Donut Day or just a day to treat yourself, this downloadable kit is a perfect excuse to savor the joy of donuts and spread a sprinkle of kindness.


Kit Includes: 

  • Donut Banner: Print and assemble this adorable banner, adding a touch of donut magic to your celebration. Let the sweet vibes fill the air!

  • "DONUT Give Up" Coloring Page: A delightful coloring page that lets kids design and "frost" their dream donut. It's a creative and tasty activity that sparks imagination and artistic flair.

  • "I Can Sprinkle Kindness" Cards: Encourage children to think of ways to spread kindness throughout their day or week with these interactive cards. A simple act of kindness is like a sprinkle on the donut of life—small, but oh-so-sweet!


Celebrate the joy of indulgence and the magic of kindness. The "Sprinkle of Kindness" Donut Celebration Kit is a delightful way to make any day sweeter.


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the sweetness of life and the joy of spreading kindness. Let's savor the deliciousness of donuts and the heartwarming feeling of being kind to one another.


Donut worry, be happy, and let's celebrate! 🌟


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