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Spooktacular Halloween Adventure Kit

Spooktacular Halloween Adventure Kit


Enter the bewitching world of Halloween with our "Spooktacular Halloween Adventure" Kit by Magic Mama Club. This thrilling downloadable kit is packed with ghoulishly delightful activities and decorations to make your Halloween season a spooky sensation!

Kit Highlights:

  • "Creep It Real" Keepsake Art Project: Create adorable ghost keepsakes by painting your child's hand or foot white and adding eyes, capturing a spooky and fun memory.

  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Elevate your neighborhood walks with a Halloween scavenger hunt, adding a touch of excitement to the Halloween season.

  • Design Your Jack o' Lantern Coloring Page: Encourage creativity with a Jack o' Lantern coloring page, letting little ones design their own spooky pumpkins.

  • Count the Stars on the Witch's Hat Activity: Engage in a counting activity by counting stars on a witch's hat, making learning a bewitching adventure.

  • Count the Spiders finger painting activity: Engage in a fun counting activity that doubles as a fun craft for your littles! Help your children dip their fingers in some black paint and add spiders to the corresponding web. 

  • Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Banner: Print and assemble this spooktacular banner to add a bewitching charm to your Halloween celebrations.

  • "I Smell Children" Banner: Assemble this banner to give your space a wickedly whimsical ambiance.

  • "Hey Boo" Banner: Another fun banner for you to assemble and hang, making your Halloween decorations complete.Bats for Decoration: Decorate with delightful bats, enhancing the spooky atmosphere and adding an eerie touch to your Halloween setup.


Celebrate the Halloween season in style, adding a dash of spookiness and a sprinkle of creativity with the "Spooktacular Halloween Adventure" Kit. ðŸŽƒðŸ‘»


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the spookiest time of the year and embracing the joy of the Halloween season. Let's make it a Halloween to remember!


Spooky surprises await—let the Halloween adventure begin! 🌟

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