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How Many Apples in the Tree Counting Worksheet

How Many Apples in the Tree Counting Worksheet


Embrace the autumn breeze and the fall season with our "How Many Apples in the Tree" Counting Worksheet by Magic Mama Club. This delightful downloadable worksheet is designed to bring the joy of apple picking into your home while helping children practice their counting skills.

Worksheet Features:

  • Apple Worksheet and Apples to cut out:  Download includes a two-page PDF featuring apple trees and apples for counting. Print, cut out the apples, and let the counting fun begin!

  • Count and Place Apples: Help your children count and place the appropriate number of apples on each tree, enhancing their counting abilities in a festive and engaging way.


Celebrate the fall season and make learning a bushel of fun with the "How Many Apples in the Tree" Counting Worksheet. It's a fantastic activity for little ones to embrace the spirit of autumn!


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the joy of counting and the beauty of the fall season. Let's make learning a delightful journey through the harvest season.


Count the apples and let the autumn counting begin! 🌟

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