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"Galactic Adventure" Kit for May the Fourth Celebration

"Galactic Adventure" Kit for May the Fourth Celebration


Embark on an intergalactic adventure this May the Fourth with our "Galactic Adventure" Kit by Magic Mama Club. This exciting downloadable kit offers a fantastic way to celebrate this special day with your little ones, all while embracing a beloved galactic saga (wink, wink).


Kit includes: 

  • Interstellar Banners:

    • Print and assemble these stellar banners, adding a touch of the galaxy to your celebration. Get ready to blast off into a world of fun and imagination.
  • Build Your Own Droid Activity Sheets:

    • Two thrilling activity sheets that let young adventurers create their dream droid. With "bots and bolts" to assemble, kids can design their very own mechanical companions for their journey among the stars.


May the Fourth be an epic celebration filled with creativity, excitement, and an adventure of galactic proportions!


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the spirit of adventure and imagination this May the Fourth. Let's make this day a journey through the stars that kids will remember for light-years to come!

Prepare for lift-off into a "Galactic Adventure"! 🚀🪐


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