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Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar & Cards

Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar & Cards


Make the holiday season merry and memorable with our "Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar and Activity Cards" by Magic Mama Club. This delightful downloadable kit is designed to bring the magic of the holiday season to life, creating cherished memories with daily festive activities.


Download Includes:

  • Colorful Advent Activity Cards: Print and cut out vibrant and festive activity cards, each featuring a fun and exciting activity for every day leading up to Christmas.

  • Countdown Calendar: Print this festive countdown calendar to set the state for a joyful countdown to Christmas. Pair the cards with an interactive tree template to mark off the days as you enjoy the holiday activities. (download comes in flyer and poster size). 


Create a magical countdown to Christmas, bringing joy and excitement to every day as you discover and engage in delightful festive activities.


Join Magic Mama Club in celebrating the joy of Christmas and making the season magical for the whole family. Let's make this holiday season an enchanting journey filled with cherished moments.Countdown to Christmas and let the festive fun begin! 🌟

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