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You're not a regular mom.

you're a magic mom.

Magic Mama Club Party

Hi magic mama!

We want you in our mom gang!

We're thrilled to invite you into our enchanted circle - Magic Mama Club! If you had a whimsical childhood, you soon realize it's because a parent was working their magic behind the scenes.

And here's the wonderful secret: as we unlock our magic, granting ourselves and our little ones the freedom to be authentically ourselves, what seems like motherhood's mayhem and mundane tasks can be sprinkled with fairy dust. We're here to help you uncover the magic within the madness.

Just some of the fun things we do...

Magic Mama Club is a vibrant community and platform designed for magical moms and their little ones. Our mission is to help moms unlock their unique magic, embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood. We offer a range of downloads, events, and subscription services, sprinkling every day with fairy dust and making magic out of the madness.

Fun Downloads by Magic Mama Club


Discover the magic through our delightful downloads. Whether it's turning an ordinary day into a fabulous party or adding a touch of sparkle to everyday crafts, our downloads are here to help you create enchanting memories with your little ones.

Monthly magic Moment Subscription for fun mommy and me things every month

Monthly Magic Subscription

Looking for an easy way to sprinkle magic into your life each month? We've got you covered with our Monthly Magic Moments (M3) subscription.

When you join M3, amazing downloads and content arrive directly in your inbox. Say hello to seamless celebrations of every holiday and special moment, creating core memories along the way!

Magic mama events and parties

Events & Parties

Seeking magic-filled experiences? Join your mom-gang and have a blast with your babies at our exciting events! From rejuvenating retreats and moms' night out to engaging mommy and me activities, there's something for everyone. Discover the perfect opportunity to tap into your magic alongside fellow amazing moms.

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